Web Design for Family Lawyers: Everything You Need to Know

  • Apr 13, 2023
  • By: Slick
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    Are you a family lawyer who is trying your best to stand out in the crowd? It can be difficult to do this when there are more than 70,000 other family lawyers to compete with.

    But one effective way to do it is by setting up a website that’ll help get plenty of eyes on your family law practice. It’s going to be one of the best marketing tools available to you.

    You’ll just need to make sure that you utilize the right web design for family lawyers. Your family law lawyer website design could make or break your firm in a lot of ways. It’ll either have people banging down your door or send them scurrying off to find other family lawyers to help them.

    Would you like to learn how to make your family law attorney website design the best it can be? We’ve put together a list of tips that’ll enable you to compete with the best family law websites out there.

    Check them out below and then start creating a fantastic family law website design from scratch.

    Start by Hiring a Reputable Web Designer

    As a family lawyer, you spend the bulk of your time focused on family law and not web design. It’s why you should try not to shoulder any of the responsibility when it’s time to begin designing a website for your practice.

    Instead, you should pass this responsibility on to a reputable web designer. There are almost 150,000 web designers in the U.S. today, which should make it easy to locate one you can trust.

    Ideally, you should look around for one that has experience when it comes to creating family law attorney websites. It’ll allow you to look at the work they’ve done in the past when handling the web design for a family lawyer so that you can see what they’ve been able to do.

    You might even be able to pick and choose different elements that you like from other family lawyers’ websites. A web designer will be able to incorporate them into your site while still making it look unique. Clutch is perfect place to look for reputable companies..

    Make Your Website’s Homepage Warm and Welcoming

    Your website’s homepage is going to be the very first thing people see when they visit your family law website. So it should be every bit as warm and welcoming as you would like it to be.

    Those who are coming to your website are probably going to be on the verge of a major life event like a divorce. You want your site to make them feel comfortable from the start and bring their stress levels back down to earth.

    Some family lawyers will get a little too carried away with trying to portray themselves in the best light on their home pages. They’ll boast about the education they have and the number of family law cases they’ve worked on.

    It’s perfectly acceptable to include these kinds of things somewhere on your site. But you should try to make your homepage all about your clients and what they’re going through. It’ll encourage them to dig a little deeper into your site to find out more about you.

    Hero section example from Charles E Willlmott

    Provide a Page That Spells Out Your Specific Services

    As part of your lawyer web design strategy, you should make sure that you set up a page that is dedicated to providing people with a list of services you offer. It’ll help them figure out if you’re going to be a good fit for them from the start.

    Many family lawyers will be well-versed in family law issues and will extend services like:

    • Divorce
    • Adoption
    • Wills
    • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
    • Child custody
    • And more

    You might offer all of these services, or you might only focus mostly on a few of them. Whatever the case, you should spell out how you can help families on a special services page. Make it easy for people to scan it so that they can see if you’ll be able to assist them.

    Services component by Slick.

    Choose Images for Your Website That Promote Your Services

    You’re going to need to post photos on your website to break up all the text that will be on it. In a perfect world, you should try to personalize your site by including photos of you and those who work for your law firm as opposed to generic stock photos.

    Far too often, family lawyers will overlook the importance of selecting the right photos for their sites. But these photos can play a huge part in the success of web design for family lawyers.

    You can utilize these photos to help showcase the different services your family law firm has to offer. You can also use them to build up trust between you and the people who are thinking about turning to you for help with family law issues.

    Use Your Website to Answer Common Family Law Questions

    Those who are most likely to visit your family lawyer website are going to be filled with a million and one questions. Whether they’re on the brink of getting divorced or preparing to adopt a child, they’re going to want to get answers to these questions before doing anything else.

    For this reason, you may want to give thought to finding a place on your site to list the most commonly asked questions about different family law issues. It’ll let people get answers to questions that might be on their minds without even having to talk to you.

    It’ll also show people that you know what you’re talking about and can help them with any and all family law problems they may be having. It’s another solid way to establish trust through web design for family lawyers.

    Include Testimonials From Past Clients on Your Website

    Before people enlist the services of professionals, they’ll often look up online reviews for them. If these online reviews aren’t mostly positive, they might shy away from working with certain professionals.

    With this in mind, you’re going to want to do whatever it takes to earn as many positive reviews from your clients as you can while working with them. You will also want to take it upon yourself to include testimonials from clients right on your website.

    By doing this, you’ll take some semblance of control over your reputation. Many of the people who visit your site will like what they see after reading through your testimonials, and they won’t always venture out to find more online reviews elsewhere.

    Testimonials examples from Slick. 

    Make It Easy for People to Contact You Through Your Website

    After people are done poking around on your website, they might want to reach out to you right away to obtain further information about your services. They may also want to hire you to help them with their family law needs.

    It should be extremely easy for them to find ways to contact you through your website. You should set up a “Contact” page on your site, and you should also include your contact information (street address, phone number, email, social media handles, etc.) on every single page on your site.

    A good web designer will be able to seamlessly work your family law firm’s contact info into the mix without it being too obvious. It’ll give people an opportunity to touch base with you without having to put in too much effort on their part.

    Incorporate the Latest SEO Strategies Into Your Website

    Creating a website for your family law firm is a great way to separate it from all the other firms that are out there. But you aren’t going to be able to simply set up a site once and then never touch it again.

    You’re going to want to see your family law firm’s site appear at the top of search engine results pages early and often. To accomplish this goal, you’ll need to put search engine optimization, or SEO, to good use.

    SEO involves working certain keywords and phrases into the content on your site. It also involves updating your site regularly to keep the content on it fresh. It’ll increase the chances of Google recommending it as a trusted source within the family law space.

    Some web designers might be able to help you incorporate SEO strategies into your site. But you might also need to hire a company that specializes in SEO services to lend a hand in this department.

    Use These Tips on Web Design for Family Lawyers to Your Advantage

    The tips listed here should help you get a website for your family law firm off the ground. But before you can do anything else, you’ll need to hire a web designer or, better yet, a company that understands the ins and outs of web design to assist you.

    Slick Studio can help you with all your attorney web design needs. We have experience with web design for family lawyers and would love to talk to you more about what you would like to get out of your site.

    Check out our previous work and then contact us to speak with a web design specialist.

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