Why UX Research Is Pivotal When Developing a Product?

  • Apr 6, 2023
  • By: Slick
  • 8 min read

UX research is a tool that allows you to get information about problems and useful insights that can be used in product development


    UX research is a tool that allows you to get information about problems and useful insights that can be used in product development. Without the application of research, development becomes more expensive and longer, and the results of work become unpredictable.

    UX research at the stage of creating a digital product helps to make informed design decisions and provides valuable insights. Without research, development becomes longer and more expensive, and the result is unpredictable. 

    The process of UX research helps you understand user challenges and problems, design and develop products based on the real needs of the audience and influence the product based on facts, not assumptions. Good UX increases user satisfaction and loyalty, thereby attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

    UX design process 

    Main Factors to Consider

    UX research is a cornerstone in the development of any product. Below you can see the main reasons that emphasize the importance of proper research.

    Product Value For User

    The first question to ask when creating a digital product is whether will it be useful. Studying the target audience will help answer. Convenient usability and aesthetic design are meaningless if the product does not benefit the person. It is like a foundation without which the building will collapse.

    Studying the user experience will help not only evaluate the idea but also learn additional features that can be included in a digital product. You should always strive to create a product that is valuable to users and efficient to use

    You Will Learn More About Competitors

    If you’re just copying, what are the guarantees that your product will get noticed? Will users give up using something that already exists in favour of your solution? User experience is more about logic, about how the system works not only technically, but also logically.

    UX research needs to be different from the rest. For example, you want to find a to-do list app. How can you choose one from the list? Of course, you will choose the one that solves your problems better – for example, it provides analytics capabilities or simplifies data entry, or just looks minimalistic and does not distract your attention. There are no universal solutions, therefore, when developing a product, you need to focus on a specific target audience and understand it.

    Eventually, everything must be aimed at users. UX research is great to keep track of ongoing trends and understand what potential customers are into.

    Competitor analysis template

    Reduction of Development Costs

    UX research can also help to reduce development costs. By understanding user needs and preferences, a product can be designed to meet those needs, thus reducing the need for costly design changes. Additionally, by understanding user problems, solutions can be developed to address those issues, potentially reducing the need for costly development changes.

    Increased Conversion Rate

    UX research can help to identify areas of improvement in the product which can increase its conversion rate. This can lead to increased sales and revenue. Ultimately the product is developed to bring profits and it is necessary to always pay attention to this indicator. 

    UX Research Reduces Risks of Product Failure

    One of the most important benefits of UX research is that it helps to reduce the risk of product failure. By understanding user needs and preferences, designers can create a product that meets user expectations and avoids costly mistakes. 

    Additionally, by understanding how users interact with the product, designers can make improvements to improve usability and ensure that users are able to easily navigate and use the product. This can help to reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction and increase user engagement with the product. 

    Providing Designers With Data-Driven Insights

    UX research also helps to inform the design process by providing designers with data-driven insights that can be integrated into the design. This helps to ensure that the design is based on user needs and preferences, rather than on assumptions or personal preferences. 

    Additionally, the insights gained from UX research can help to ensure that the design is consistent with the user’s mental model of how the product should work. This helps to ensure that the design is intuitive and improves the user experience.


    UX research is an iterative process, and it can take several iterations to gather all the necessary data and insights. It is also important to note that the research should be tailored to the specific product or service in order to create the most effective user experience. 

    UX research is a source of truth about the user and a compass for the entire product team. Investing in UX research at the initial stage of a project can greatly benefit the results. Research must be carried out at all stages of development in order to save the team effort, time, and money, and create a digital product that is useful and convenient for users.

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