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Web Design Services for Family Lawyer

Make your online presence memorable and appealing to potential clients with premier website design services from Slick Studio. We’re your established web design company, leveraging advanced programs and years of experience to create attractive, intuitive, and memorable family law websites.

Our Clients

We believe in trust and power of collaboration. Check some our our partners we share these values with.


Why Slick ?

The Slick Studio team is highly experienced in UI/UX design, always staying updated with the latest best practices in web design. That’s how we’re able to keep brands relevant and recognizable, no matter what trends come. This quality is just one of the reasons why we’re able to create some of the best family law websites.

On-time Delivery

We work with utmost efficiency to deliver every project within the deadline, using high-quality resources for streamlined processes.


Each family law practice has unique needs, preferences, and brand identity. That’s why we remain flexible for whatever specification, instruction, or vision you have.


We offer complete website design services, so you don’t have to work with other third-party providers. The end result of our projects is highly usable, attractive, and satisfying pages that appeal to you and your customers.

Transparent Processes

The Slick Studio team aims to remain transparent in every step of the website design process. We let you know what’s going into your website and the breakdown of your budget.

Other Industries We Serve

Aside from law practices, Slick Studio serves other companies in industries like banking, e-commerce, real estate, and fintech. This wide range is just proof of our flexibility as a website design team.



Personal finance websites, stock trading pages, etc.



CRM services, data analytics systems, HR management websites, etc.


Real Estate

Housing web platforms, real estate marketplaces, listing websites, etc.



Blockchain websites, De-Fi platforms, trading sites, etc.


B2C and B2B websites, online shopping websites, etc.


Personal banking websites, business banking, etc.

How can we start a project together

It’s simple. There are two ways we can design a top-notch product together – Time & Materials Based or Scope Based


Time & Material

This approach is ideal for family law practices that don’t have a complete vision of the website or want the design to be an ongoing process divided into smaller stages. For this model, we bill by the hours worked and the cost of material used for the website.


Fixed Scope

In contrast to the first model, the fixed scope approach is for those who already have set final results. Everything — including the requirements and scheduling — is already predetermined. For this model, you’ll pay a flat fee for the entirety of the job.

Your dedicated UI/UX Design Team

For every attorney website design project, we deploy a three-people team that has experience on similar websites. You’ll have a design lead, project manager, and senior UI/UX designer that handle most of the work.

If needed, we can also add more people — like UX researchers and visual brand designers — as the budget allows. These additional competencies allow us to deliver even more refined web design projects for your legal practice.


Design Lead

5 hrs Weekly

Project Manager

5 hrs Weekly

Senior UI/UX Designer

40 Hrs Weekly

By allocating an additional budget, we can add relevant competencies to the team at a defined time based on demand

UX Researcher
Visual Brand Designer
Product manager

Design Process

To produce consistent and high-quality results, we follow a high-level process we’ve perfected over the years.











Clients about us

Don’t take our word for it! Read the testimonials from our previous clients and see why we’re the standout web design team.

They were very responsive – I never waited more than a day for a response to one of our queries. We’re very pleased with the deliverables from their team, and how well they collaborated with our team
The Collaboratory President and CEO
Nick Lilovich
The designs they come up with are very sleek, highly functional, and balanced — the UI of the app is aesthetically-pleasing, but it still focuses on creating a good customer experience.
CEO, Crowded
Daniel Grunstein
They were innovative and modern — they’re an overall good and experienced team. Project management was fully comfortable for us; they were flexible, timely, had an agile approach, and were result-oriented
CIO, Pasha Bank Georgia
Giorgi Chanadiri
They were very honest and cared about our satisfaction.
CEO, Economies
Samer Sader

Website Design for Family Lawyer: Service Value

As you shift to a more digital approach to gaining new clients, SaaS website design is the perfect complement to your strategies. Slick Studio offers UX/UI design, 3D/2D visuals, and other services that help you appeal to prospective clients, among many other benefits.

Streamlines Visitor Experience

We’ll create web pages with smooth performance and fast response. These features create a satisfying experience that users will enjoy.

Boosts Brand Identity

By using consistent imagery, colorways, and themes, we’re able to create a website that reinforces your practice’s brand identity, making it more memorable for your online visitors.

Improves Website Functionality

Our web design services can be tailored based on your or your user’s needs. Thanks to this practice, your pages will be more usable than ever.

Enhances User Engagement

Thanks to the intuitive and appealing designs, your websites will create a satisfying experience that will have users coming back for more.

Overview of Our Professional Web Design Services

Thanks to your SaaS web design services, you won’t need to hire additional experts or teams to handle layouts, wireframing, and other aspects of web design. We handle it all and deliver amazing results every time. Here are some services you can expect from Slick Studio.

UX/UI Design

We follow the best UX/UI design practices to create a seamless and meaningful experience for site visitors. Thanks to these intuitive layouts, buttons, navigation links, and other elements, users can easily find their way around your website and contact you for legal services.

Wireframing and Prototypes

Our team creates rough outlines of your website that show where images, text, and other elements will be located. Thanks to these prototypes, you can visualize the end result and make changes as needed.

3D/2D Visuals

We create the various visual elements you need for your website, ensuring that they remain consistent with your branding identity.



    Cant find answer? Ask a question

    How can we start a project together?

    It’s simple. There are two ways we can design a top-notch product together – Time & Materials Based or Scope Based.

    The Time & Materials model is used if there is no complete vision of the final product, or if it is ongoing process and impossible to divide it into several smaller stages. We will bill by actual hours worked, as well as cost of materials necessary to complete your project.

    The Scope Based (also known as Project-Based) model is perfect for small and medium scope projects, where requirements, specifications, and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the project development. You will pay a pre-determined flat fee for the entirety of the project(s).

    What information do you need to prepare an estimate?

    In order to understand the scope of work, companies in search of an estimate will share with us PRD document, Wireframes, or existing design files (if project includes a redesign). A list of modules would be enough if you are willing to receive a general range.

    Who will my team consist of?

    We believe in the power of effective team work. We’ll assign a dedicated Design Lead, Product Designer and Project Manager to your product. Your Design Lead is responsible for general decisions and user experience, your Product Designer delivers daily tasks, and your Project Manager is there to ensure transparency and timely delivery.

    How much do projects usually cost?

    Our average budget is between $20,000 – $50,000 for projects anywhere from 2 to 6 months in length.

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