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What We did 

Re|Bank, a subsidiary brand of PASHA Bank, reached out to Slick with a request to revamp their landing page, which serves as the primary driving force for their product sales.  The objective of Re|Bank is to revolutionize the retail banking experience by making it simpler and more user-friendly, and to provide financial solutions that are mutually beneficial and transparent.  This mission informed our design process as we approached the project.

The existing website, which had been developed several years prior, was outdated and presented a number of issues such as an old-fashioned aesthetic style, information architecture that was no longer relevant to the company’s goals, and poor usability overall. Re|Bank therefore needed to take action to improve the landing page and align it more closely with the company’s current objectives.  To address these issues, Slick’s team collaborated with various stakeholders within Re|Bank, including representatives from marketing, sales, business, and software engineering. This required close cooperation and coordination between multiple departments to ensure the redesigned landing page would meet the company’s expectations and users’ needs.


Analyzed the entire web with all its flows and identified the pain points.


Slick team revamped the product look ‘n feel


Identified potential improvements and analyzed metrics


At the Design project kick-off, we defined and allocated the team members’ roles and responsibilities, including a Visual Designer, Technical Lead, UX Designer, and Product Owner. The stakeholders, subject matter experts, and their degree of involvement were also identified. The relevant documentation and data, such as Power BI analytics, were gathered and compiled.   The team members from both Slick and Re|Bank collaborated to establish project objectives and ideal outcomes and organized these activities into a roadmap. This enabled all team members to know their specific responsibilities and thoroughly understand the project’s end goals and expected results. 


To initiate the design process, the Slick team first performed a comprehensive audit of the existing product, documenting all the functionalities and content. The evaluation helped the team to gain a deeper understanding of the product’s strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement. This practice also enabled the team to simulate the user experience and pinpoint potential pain points in the user’s navigation process. This up-front activity allowed the Slick team to make informed decisions throughout the design process. 


We held a journey mapping workshop, during which the team reached a consensus on the fundamental architectural changes necessary for the landing page. The workshop was an opportunity to visualize the user journey and identify friction points. As a result of these discussions, the team was able to define a new sitemap that incorporated these changes. The new sitemap provided a clear and organized overview of the product’s structure and content, making it easier for users to navigate and access the information they need. The team identified the necessary information for each product and functionality during the content mapping process and devised a content strategy to provide helpful and actionable content. The critique workshops and wireframe review sessions allowed the team to finetune the design and make any necessary changes before moving on to the development phase.


They were innovative and modern — they're an overall good and experienced team. Project management was fully comfortable for us; they were flexible, timely, had an agile approach, and were result-oriented
CIO, Pasha Bank Georgia
Giorgi Chanadiri

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