Bank. Collect. Spend. One platform that manages it all for your nonprofit membership club.

What we did

Crowded creates banking, expense management, and tax reporting solutions for nonprofit membership organizations. This US-based fintech company’s app and web portal offer features catered directly to the needs of nonprofits and clubs, such as dues collection and digital debit cards for expenses. Crowded makes finance management intuitive, accessible, and straightforward.

Slick faced a few challenges at the beginning of our partnership with Crowded. The product’s design and usability was poor and still in its infancy, and so was the company. We needed to implement our UI/UX design expertise in order for Crowded to maintain consistency between their web and mobile products. Finally, we needed to improve existing functionality while simultaneously thinking ahead to integrating new features.

We began with scope-based work, and the client was pleased with the synergy created. Meanwhile, Crowded reached new fundraising goals, and Slick became their embedded design team, collaborating to deliver more value and a great experience for their users.


Analyzed the entire all its flows and identified the pain points.


Slick team revamped the product look n feel


Identified potential improvements and analyzed metrics

The Process

After almost a year of work on Crowded’s product and adding several new features, we had accomplished a great deal of growth. The user feedback that we received, however, led us to realize that usability had started to become poorer as a result of the influx of new features.

We started discussing the need for some major improvements- namely, scalable architecture which would allow us to develop the product further. We conducted user research, analyzed Hotjar session recordings, interviewed with stakeholders, and presented our solution and plan to move forward, which was successfully implemented.

Today, we continue to work with Crowded as an integrated team, and we have a great synergy.

Payment Request

Payment Request is a handy functionality to collect money for events, goods, and services from organization members. The Treasurer has several capabilities within this feature. They can select and add members based on who should participate and contribute to the payment request. The Treasurer can define the amount for the payment and send requests. This feature also provides the opportunity to create payment requests that are open or optional for members to contribute as desired. In real time, the treasurer can monitor the fund collection progress and manage the campaign proactively, providing an easier way to collect and organize funds, all in one application.

Member Management

The Member Management functionality allows the treasurer to control user administration. Using this feature, the Treasurer can invite new members and manage existing members. The management options include changing roles and permissions, and assigning tags such as class level. The Treasurer also has access to review financial transactions for each member of the student organization group. This feature provides a system for classifying members by groups and an easy way to monitor student dues and fees.

Mobile Application

Members of the organization are using the application via Mobile app. All the actions taken by administrators are reflected here. Member can check their balance, active payment requests, transactions, request funds for services that benefit the organization in general and if accepted, purchase them. They can also activate digital card and add them in apple wallet afterwards use funds for payments.




The designs they come up with are very sleek, highly functional, and balanced — the UI of the app is aesthetically-pleasing, but it still focuses on creating a good customer experience.
CEO, Crowded
Daniel Grunstein

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